After changing my major from English to Ad/PR, I wanted to find a minor that was heavy in writing. At the orientation for the Ad/PR program, the Writing and Rhetoric minor was mentioned and I declared it as my minor after looking into it. While in the minor I took classes such as Writing for Publication, Rhetoric and Civic Engagement, Essay as Cultural Commentary, and Literacy and Technology. There is a great connection between Ad/PR and Writing and Rhetoric. One major part is analysis and research. I learned a great deal about analyzing websites and documents that has helped me at my advertising internships. I have two examples of my research/analysis skills in regards to Writing and Rhetoric: my paper on UCF Recycles and my Rhetorical Analysis. Another skill that has translated between my major and minor is self-reflection. I need to be able to look inward before I can project outward. One such example of this is my Literacy Biography that I wrote this semester. After writing this, I found I was better able to empathize with different advertising audiences.