UCF Recycles

This was written in the introduction class to my minor, Rhetoric and Civic Engagement. We had an end-of-the-semester project in which we had to choose a social problem that we felt strongly about. We then had to find a way to remedy or help this issue. The problem I chose was the UCF Recycles program. I have been a part of the green movement for a few years and the UCF Recycles program was slipping in the ranks against other university’s recycling programs. My mission was to rally together the students of UCF to recycle more and show everyone that UCF can accomplish anything.

I had to start off with researching both the UCF Recycles program as well as other programs around the country to see what they were doing differently. After seeing the facts and statistics, I wanted to march outside and scream to the world about recycling. The green movement can be a touchy thing for students; it has some negative connotations, so with this plan of action I wanted to break that stigma.