Being able to create and maintain an interactive website is integral to working with an online medium. I’ve worked with WordPress as well as Wix in the past to create, code, and maintain websites for internships and classes. As mentioned with my Print Ad, I created a campaign based on oysters. Along with the print ads, I created a website that housed recipes, nutritional information, and facts about oysters. The page was meant for the parents to look up information but also has bright colors and a lot of photos so the kids would be able to look at it as well.


A second website I created was for my Writing and Rhetoric course Argumentative Writing. We had to create a commonplace book about a social issue we felt strongly about. I chose to center mine around the Florida DOMA laws in regard to same-sex marriage. To house my findings and research I created a website. It’s meant to inform about the laws and also has resources for teachers, students, or anyone who might be interested in them.