Hello, and welcome!

I’m Emily Brady and this portfolio exists to showcase my best writing and creative attributes in regards to the Advertising field. For the past two years I have immersed myself in the industry through courses at UCF and internships in Tampa and Orlando. As a writer, I always find a way to let my voice shine through. This is one thing my internship supervisors have prided me on. Whether it’s research, drafting a blog post, or writing out 200 tweets, I find a way to make every project my own.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been interested in technology and how things work. I believe my general curiosity is what lead me on my path to social media advertising. To learn more visit the About Me page. Through my courses at UCF and my experience in the field, I’ve gained knowledge as well as tangible examples of how I execute my work. To find examples of my work, click through to the Advertising or Writing tabs.